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    How It Works

    Who doesn't like to be treated like family? We would like to invite you to join our Cousins Friends of the Program – Loyalty Rewards Program. Spend over $500 in any 12 month period and receive a $50 gift card for both your Birthday and Christmas.

    In order to join this program, please visit the following link below and complete the signup process.  Below is some additional info about how it works. Unfortunately we can not retroactively track spending. However, We will personally reachou



    Program Details



    Payout: Commissions start at 5% of every sale with the potential to earn 10% or more after you’ve referred 10 sales. Cousins Brand uses a third party tracking platform called Impact Radius to track all sales that you refer to the website and make sure that you are properly paid out for those referrals.


    Friends & Family Code: Request a special Friends and Family code to share with your friends, family, or followers on social media. This code will get them 30% off their order and we will pay you a commission every time the code is used.


    Personal Use Code: Once you’ve signed up, we’ll give you a code for 50% off that is valid on anything listed on CousinsBrand.com. You’ll only be able to use this code for three (3) purchases every six (6) months, so make it count!


    If you have any questions about how this program works, please contact our partner managers at cousins@bvaccel.com.